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Total Soccer Development  - Frequently Asked Questions
Huntsville FC Programs

The HFC Total Soccer Development program is both a Curriculum and a Philosophy.  The primary goal of HFC is to provide development and competitive opportunities for all ages and all ability levels. To accomplish this goal we have implemented a "Total Soccer Development" system of training.  HFC currently offers playing opportunities from Division IV (Recreational) through Premier League (Regional Champions League).  The Coaching staff is unparalleled in Alabama and one of the most experienced in the south. Among our staff, we have several coaches with National Coaching Licenses; many former college players; former college All-Americans; former National team players; former professional players, coaches with additional Brazilian, Dutch and German Coaching Licenses; current and former high school and college coaches; and playing experience from the United States, England, Trinidad, Finland, Germany, Uganda and other. Foremost in the mind of each coach is the desire to share with every HFC player a genuine love for the world’s beautiful game.

HFC offers Division IV recreational teams with a competitive flair for girls and boys for the playing ages U8 – U10.  These teams will compete either in-house or the city recreational league.  Any player desiring to compete on a Div IV team may do so simply by registering with HFC.  HFC will field as many teams in each age group as possible subject to minimum roster requirements.

HFC offers Division III teams for girls and boys for the playing ages U9 through U13.  These teams will compete in the North Alabama Soccer League. The majority of games will take place in Huntsville.  Div III teams are formed by evaluation whereby players of like abilities and commitment are grouped together.

HFC offers Division II teams for boys and girls in the U11 through U18 age groups.  Placement on a Div II team will be determined by coach evaluation.  Div II teams are provided a full season training opportunity but amount and distance of travel and duration of seasonal play will normally be less than Div I teams.  The Div II training as a competitive alternative is well suited to those players wanting to engage in multiple team sports.  However, Div II is the highest level of play available for U11 and U12 teams and requires a competitive commitment.

HFC offers Division I and/or Regional Premier League teams for girls and boys in the U13 through U18 age groups.  Each team is formed by an annual competitive tryout.  Players are selected on the basis of soccer skills, tactical awareness, fitness, attitude, commitment to soccer and willingness to engage in the total HFC annual training program.  Div I play with HFC is for the serious soccer family and players who have chosen soccer as their primary sport, while scheduling other non-academic activities around soccer.


HFC offers a College Showcase team in the spring for high school age players.  We combine with the Heroes Futbol Club of Maryland to expose our players to direct contact with collegiate players and coaches.  Players are provided opportunities to play against various colleges, tour the campus, and visit with the college coaches.  This is a great experience for the player wishing to play beyond high school.

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