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I acknowledge that this in no way constitutes any agreement between myself and the Huntsville Futbol Club to play or compete as a member on the HFC team for the 2013-2014 Season. By checking the Agree Box, I attest that I am committed to the AYSA team to which I am currently rostered through May 31, 2013 OR I am currently not committed or rostered to any AYSA club or team. I am completing this form of my own free will and have not been recruited, enticed, coerced, compelled, or pressured to tryout for a HFC team. By signing the form below, I am only expressing a desire to be included in tryouts. The final and binding expression of my desire to tryout will be indicated by my presence at HFC tryouts, which are being conducted according to state guidelines.

The parent and/or lawful guardian of the above named minor (player) hereby releases Huntsville Futbol Club (“club”), its subsidiaries, agents, team managers, and assistant managers, professional coaches, team parents, sponsors, officers, directors, employees, and all other parties of interest from all claims and causes of action, including but not limited to all damages of any kind which may arise from or out of the above named minor’s participation in the club’s soccer program, by checking the Agree box below. This release and indemnification includes release from any injury arising from any act of omission that may arise during any practice, game or event going to or coming from tryouts, practice, games, or events or any injury or damage arising from any related activity of the club. Should any claim be made or any lawsuit be filed on account of any injury or damage to the above named minor or entry described above arising from any act of omission referred to above, the undersigned will indemnify and hold harmless the club for any and all amounts incurred by the club for damages, whether by settlement or judgment as well as any amounts incurred by the club for damages, whether by settlement or judgment as well as any amounts incurred by the club for defending against any such claim or judgment, including all attorney’s fees and costs.