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Jr. Academy

The Jr. Academy is our starter soccer program designed for 6U - 8U players.  The program introduces players to recreational soccer at the 6U – 8U ages and competitive club soccer for 9U – 10U.  HFC’s Total Soccer Development program and curriculum places age appropriate competition with professionally led sessions/games. There are no tryouts.  Everyone plays!

Jr. Academy Four Pillars
  • Technical -  The focus is on individual skills development(Passing, Dribbling, and Shooting) through play at each training session.
  • Tactical - At age appropriate times, players are to understand they are part of team and how to respond to the game within small groups on the field.
  • Physical - Everything done on the ball and through games/playing.
  • Psychological - Through an enthusiastic and participating coach, players will learn a love for the game of soccer.
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The 6U-8U program provides a more traditional recreational environment similar to your Local Park or Rec  program. Players receive the best mix of the recreational experience with the supervision of HFC's professional staff.  Teams have a mix of HFC staff and parent coaches to maintain the recreational environment.  

The 6U-8U Jr. Academy program is offered in Huntsville and Madison. The Huntsville program is conducted from the Merrimack Soccer Complex and our Madison program from Palmer Park.

Note - Due to the logistics of operating in both locations, the details of each program vary in scheduling, while maintaining the same level of professional instruction and curriculum

Our Position
For young soccer players, who are unfulfilled with recreational programs, HFC Jr. Academy Program provides the proper introduction to competitive club soccer.  We offer the structure of a well-established club, the most advanced and successful curriculum in the area, and the right leadership to provide the parents of our players the best value for their investment in soccer education.

The goal of the Jr Academy is to prepare youth players for competitive soccer. At the developmental age group, the focus is to establish a strong technical base, develop athleticism/coordination, teamwork and sportsmanship.  The ultimate goal for Jr. Academy player is to develop a LOVE for the game.  With the love of the game comes a passion for skill acquisition.  Training will be structured in a way that maximizes each player’s development, through individual instruction and multiple small-sided game situations. Players will compete in appropriate game scenarios throughout the available developmental period. 

The age-appropriate curriculum follows the US Soccer Best Practices, and is designed to develop technical skills that can be used in tactical situations. Players are trained in pools and as teams to allow maximum exposure to all the coaches and age group players within the system.

The Jr. Academy is a subsidized through our fundraising efforts. The goal is to keep the fees as low as possible to make developing a love for soccer and a good fundamental training by certified and licensed coaches available to everyone interested in soccer.

Players play/practice twice per week.  Games are intra-league.  No tournaments, but players are introduced to a tournament atmosphere through our soccer jamborees.  

Jr. Academy 6U-8U Program Season Information

Below is the information regarding the coaching/parent course, DOC training days, team training days, and the full calendar.

Parent Course/General Meeting – Meeting is TBD. All parents are invited to attend our coaching/parent education course whether you are immediately interested in volunteering to coach or not.  We plan to educate our parents on why we have set up our program the way it is, help everyone understand our curriculum, and explain why we believe in age appropriate training, and creating all around technical soccer players by the time they move onto our 9U teams. The course will be held in Huntsville for both Madison and Huntsville families.

DOC Training Days - These are the practice days in which the Directors of the Jr. Academy will train with a specific age group and their volunteer coaches in order to allow them to work with each player that is a part of the Jr. Academy. This will ensure proper technical attributes are being taught and to help educate our parent coaches by having them work side-by-side with our DOC’s. DOC’s will send out the practice sessions for these days to all of the coaches for the specified age group. 

Each activity and any variations within the activities will be demonstrated by the DOC with all coaches and players watching one group. Then Coaches are released to run the activity with their own players. When it is time to move onto the next activity within the practice, the DOC will repeat the process.

Team Training Days 6U/8U - These are practice days the specified age group will be with their coaches who are responsible for coming up with an activity for that day. This gives each volunteer the chance to take what they have learned within DOC days as well as from past coaching experiences to create an activity for each team to execute. These activities should fit within the week’s technical theme. The team training days will be set up circuit style with each team from the given age group staying together as they rotate to each coach’s activity. Coaches will be able to impact many players under this plan so players and coaches will understand we are all a part of one club and are working together to become better soccer players.

Training Formats - 6U-8U: Two 1- hour sessions per week. One session is for skills training through small-sided games. Second session is for games. 

HFC Jr. Academy 6U-8U Program Calendar

Season Information Spring 2019 Fall 2019
When does the Registration Open/Close? Always Open Always Open
Parents/Coaches Meeting TBD TBD
When does the Season Start? March 4th September 2nd
When does the Season End? May 11th October 26th
What Locations? Huntsville and Madison Huntsville and Madison

HFC Jr. Academy 6U-8U Program Calendar

Practice/Game Days and Times: 

  • 6U-8U HSV - Mondays & Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30 PM  at Merrimack - Field 2
  • 6U-8U Madison - Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 PM at Palmer  Park - Field 2

Jr. Academy 6U-8U

Jr. Academy Registration is open to all players: boys and girls for the 6U-8U age groups.

Cost is $95 - Uniform kit included: 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of socks.

*If you still have your uniform from the Fall 2018 Season - the cost will be $75*

There is NO Deadline to Register for Jr. Academy

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9U - 10U Player Evaluation

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Jr. Academy Staff

Will Muncher

Youth Academy Director

Tony  Schroeder

Tony Schroeder

Director of Jr. Academy - Madison

Shannon Cazzavillan

Director of Jr. Academy - Huntsville